If you are living in a small apartment and looking for cardio equipment for home that does not take up a lot of space a compact elliptical trainer such as Stamina in-Motion Elliptical Trainer might be a great solution. It’s low price, small size and easy to carry around. It’s also incredibly quiet – quieter than a fan. It does not have handles, so no arm movements as on a standard elliptical machine. It may become an advantage, though, as it would make you work your core and improve the body balance. You could even combine a workout on the elliptical trainer with hand weights.

cardio equipment for home

It may not feel like you are working out, but you’ll start breaking a sweat after about 10-15 minutes. So you could tell it’s working! The computer shows exact time spent on the trainer, a number of steps, and how many calories you’ve burned. Another great way, albeit a tad less effective, of using it is working out at your desk while you’re sitting and working or while watching TV. You would need at least a 27 inches gap between your bent legs and an under desk for it to work. Otherwise, you may need to take your shoes or to raise your worktop.


  • The lack of handles forces you to engage your core muscles to maintain your balance.
  • Takes little room to store and portable – a more productive way to watch TV.
  • Allows for both forward and backward movements.
  • Easy to assemble and very silent when in motion.
  • Due to a shorter stride it would not hurt your knees.


  • The digital counter/stopwatch works great but may not be very accurate, so it would be
  • It would not be a good machine for someone with balance impairment as it does not have handles.
  • There is no strap for your feet, so may be easy to slip if you pedal crazy fast.
  • The stride may be too short if you are over 5’5″.

The Bottom Line:

All in all, if you live in a small place and have no time for a gym, the Stamina in-Motion Elliptical Trainer is a great alternative to running up and down the stairs.