Have you ever wondered why nowadays so many miscarriages happen so many babies are born physically or mentally disabled? If to ignore genetics that sometimes can cause problems to the most careful of parents virtually all of abnormalities related to births can be blamed on a n ill way of life that involves abusing alcohol, drugs, nicotine.

Smoking and Pregnancy

Unlike alcohol the nicotine induced effects on the body do not disrepair within a few weeks. Moreover, the harmful effect does not disappear even in a few months, therefore when preparing for the motherhood abandoning this particular habit should be your top priority. Studies have shown that smoking and the chances of getting pregnant are closely related to each other. Those who smoked per day from 5 to 9 cigarettes, were risking 10-40 percent reduction in the likelihood of getting pregnant. Those women who smoke during their pregnancy may face even greater risks due to the following reasons.

  • alcohol-smoking-harmful-effectsSmoking causes ectopic pregnancy
  • Smoking causes miscarriage
  • Smoking causes perinatal death
  • Smoking causes premature birth
  • Smoking affects fetal development and weight
  • Smoking causes placental complications
  • Smoking causes fetal malformations

Alcohol and Pregnancy

Despite the popular saying that one glass of wine can’t make any damage, the opposite is also true–it wouldn’t do any good. To be on the safe side it is better to give up alcohol during the pregnancy. Researchers have not concluded yet what amount of alcohol has harmful effects to the fetus. This question is difficult, if not impossible, to answer because the damaging effect not only depends on the quantity of alcohol consumed but also on how well he mother and the fetus tolerates it. The list bellow illustrates some of well known harmful effects of alcohol to the pregnancy and the baby.

  • Alcohol consumption reduces fertility
  • Alcohol consumption causes miscarriages
  • Alcohol consumption causes premature birth
  • Alcohol consumption affects the duration of pregnancy
  • ¬†Alcohol consumption disrupts fetal breathing
  • Alcohol consumption affects fetal development
  • Alcohol consumption causes neurological disorders