The modern society is placing a huge emphasis on obesity and overweight related problems so not surprisingly women feel pressure to gain little weight during their pregnancy so that it was easier to lose it quickly after giving birth. The number of pounds gained during the pregnancy does influence the process of regaining the previous body shape, however, in a different way to a common perception.

PregnantWomanDifferently to popular believe there is no a healthy weight for a pregnant women. that is because the amount of weight that is considered to be healthy to gain during pregnancy depends on a women’s weight before the pregnancy. For example, it is healthy for an underweight women to gain around 31-33 pounds during the period of her pregnancy, whereas for an overweight women 7,7 lb is a healthy gain of weight during those days. Those numbers do not apply in case of twins when weight gain must be bigger than that.

An underweight women can face various problems while trying to conceive due to a small amount of body fat. That does not mean that she should be eating loads of fat food dafter becoming pregnant. The main focus must be on eating healthy foods, especially vegetables and fruits. Being underweight during the pregnancy can result in gaining a lot of weight after giving birth, which is, obviously, not desired. A skinny lady should be aiming to gain not less than 14 kilograms of weight.

For a women with average body weight before the pregnancy it is healthy to gain between 24-35,5 kg of body weight. The gained weight typically consists of:

  • Baby mass – 6,6-7,7 lb
  • Mass of placenta – 1,1-2,2 lb
  • Baby water – 2,2 kg
  • Increase in blood volume – 3-4 lb
  • Increase in body fluids – 3-4 lb
  • Increase of breasts – 1,1-3,3 lb
  • Increase of womb mass – 2,2 lb
  • Increase in body fat – 5,5-10 lb

It is not all lost, however, even if you lost more weight during your pregnancy. It only means that you will have to work harder to regain your previous body shape.