Exercise in water is one of the most effective and healthy techniques during pregnancy. However, quite often pregnant women tend to avoid too much of physical strain in fear of making any harm to their baby. What any future mum who should know about exercising in water safely?

During pregnancy a woman’s body has to adapt to a more active blood circulation, which can be up as much as by 50 percent. For this reason, pregnant women should do special exercises that would help to increase their and baby’s blood circulation to achieve normal levels of oxygen and nutrients.


Exercising in water is special since it does not reduce the blood flow to the heart and the brain, but leads to the redistribution of the blood from the internal organs and the uterus to the working muscles.

Exercising in water is more effective than exercising in a gym as these exercises have less stress on the spine and joints and greatly improves blood flow, which consequently tends to raise the mood.

These sessions need specialist care. In order to ensure an optimal physical activity and to avoid complications an exercising in water program must be built by a professional physiotherapist. The time of pregnancy, a woman’s physical form and other factors must be taken into account. It is ideal for a pregnant woman to be supervised by your physician during those exercising sessions.

Exercising in water is not recommended for women who have skin problems, allergies, are at risk of complications and are monitored by their gynecologist. It is of paramount importance to consult your doctor if you wish to practice exercising in water.