Probably every girl or a woman, let alone a future mother, is slightly concerned about what would make the labour day less stressful and painful. To have only nice memories associated with giving birth to your dearest child would make their birthdays really special.

#1. The first step every future mum could take is to sign up for the group sessions that are designed  to get women prepared for their labour day and future motherhood. During the sessions you will be getting a useful psychological advice, as well as learning how to control pain and breathing during labour.

fitness-blog#2. It is recommended to at least try water aerobics. It is a very enjoyable exercising, not only for the future mother, but also for the future baby. As a bonus the muscles during those exercises get firmer, which can prevent the appearance of stretch marks after the labour. In addition, special physical exercises that help strengthening the pelvic muscles would be highly beneficial and should be done every three days. Exercising in the morning such as jogging is also recommended.

#4. Every pregnant woman should be walking in the fresh air and enjoying the nature more often. You should be walking in a park and having get-away’s from the city as much as you can.

#5. You should try talking to your baby who is still in the womb, learning to feel and understand. The relationship established with the unborn child during the pregnancy affects the labour and could make the delivery easier and more peaceful.

#6. It would save you a lot of stress if you choose your doctor and the place for the labour in advance. In this case you would be able to gain mutual trust with your doctor, express your wishes and expectations and ask important questions prior the labour, so that there were no surprises.

#8. One of the measures to facilitate the pain during labour is anaesthesia. It is up to you if you decide to go with it but try to make this decision in advance so that the doctor was prepared.

#9. A mother-to-be should try to avoid any negative thoughts during the delivery. It is ideal if the future baby is surrounded with love through out at the outset.