Being pregnant you should take care of yourself twice as you are responsible not only for your own health but also for the health of your future baby. In order to avoid harmful chemicals, parasites, bacteria or viruses you should refrain from (or at least be more cautious) from certain foods.

Foods that should be avoided during pregnancy:

Fish – catfish, tuna , sea bass and many other big fish are abundant supply of mercury that can poison the body. Too much mercury can damage the nervous system and is particularly harmful to the fetus, which is still developing and is very sensitive. Refraining from the fish in the diet completely is not necessary, but experts advise eating only industrially farmed salmon or catfish. Canned tuna can be included in the diet occasionally but only in moderate amounts.

Seafood – improperly processed seafood such as mussels, oysters and clams can cause not only salmonella but also other bacterial and parasitic diseases. Pregnant woman’s body is especially sensitive so it would be best avoiding such a risk all together.

Improperly prepared meat – raw meat can contain worm eggs so not only a pregnant women but also the fetus can get infected. The infection by worms is particularly dangerous since it can cause premature birth. While cooking red meat or eating about make sure that the meat is well done.

Raw poultry – can be dangerous due to the presence of salmonella. Although, when a pregnant women gets infected by salmonella the fetus remains safe from the infection. However, the diarrhea and vomiting can lead to dehydration that may affect fetal development. Therefore only eat well roasted mea

t and also wash all the tools that were in contact with raw chicken carefully.

Unpasteurized milk and cheese – milk and cheese bought in the shop are safe because they are checked by specialists, but if you are going to buy these products somewhere else, where they are not inspected, be careful. Unpasteurized milk products may contain Listeria bacterium that is not very harmful for a pregnant women but can be very dangerous to the fetus.

Unwashed vegetables – are a real microbe kit. Unwashed vegetables may contain toxoplasma, listeria, E. coli and salmonella. All of these bacteria are not only found on vegetables but also in the soil, therefore while working in the garden wear gloves and wash your hands well afterwards.


Alcoholic drinks – this is probably the most dangerous poison to fetus. Even small amount of alcohol consumed on a regular basis can cause severe birth defects and mental disabilities. All alcoholic beverages should be avoided during pregnancy but this is especially true in the first three months.